Companies manage demand to determine feasibility, project cost and to validate the correct resources are assigned to the highest priority projects. The challenge of capturing demand is to balance the staffing requirements of the project with the availability of the actual people who will do the work. Since important decisions are made from the resource forecast, the data must be visible and credible. This requires a repeatable process with interactive data entry, reporting and a mechanism for resource managers and project managers to work through contention issues.

Common Business Problems

ResourceFirst takes the approach that resource demand forecasts are at the center of Portfolio Management decision-making. Functional managers forecast their resources based on requirements outlined by project teams. The forecast is validated periodically. Functional managers are responsible for updating the utilization of their forecasts at least once a month, and sometimes more frequently. Over-committed resources are replaced with available resources when possible.

ResourceFirst Capabilities

ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs
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ResourceFirst is a multi-platform hosted solution that uses resource management as a foundation for strategy and portfolio execution. For modern organizations to compete successfully, they must have Strategy, Allocation and Execution data available at all major decision points. ResourceFirst promotes a culture of role-based data capture and communication through improved Resource Management, Strategy Execution, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Program Management Office (PMO) operations. ResourceFirst Solutions touch on multiple process areas and may be implemented in the order of greatest need.