A clear understanding of skilled inventory is one of the most fundamental components to resource planning. Skilled inventory (aka skilled capacity) affects a company in two ways. First, the personnel a company hires will directly affect the cost of operations. Changes in the number and type of people will either increase or decrease costs. Second, and no less important, the mix of people and skills hired will directly affect productivity. Hiring good people with the wrong skill sets is not beneficial to the organization over time. The big challenge for these organizations is to dynamically manage the staffing profile to at once be cost effective and highly deployable.

Common Business Problems

An organization must have the ability to capture current, credible data for analysis, and the structured processes to utilize that data for decision-making. ResourceFirst presents the availability and cost of each staffing option at the time of decision-making. Of course there are always trade-offs to be made in any staffing decision. Management needs the ability to quickly evaluate candidates by cost, geography, relevant skill, availability and potentially relevant organizational criteria. ResourceFirst provides the requisite visibility and analysis with straight-forward dashboards, reports and editable views.

ResourceFirst Capabilities

ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs
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ResourceFirst is a multi-platform hosted solution that uses resource management as a foundation for strategy and portfolio execution. For modern organizations to compete successfully, they must have Strategy, Allocation and Execution data available at all major decision points. ResourceFirst promotes a culture of role-based data capture and communication through improved Resource Management, Strategy Execution, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Program Management Office (PMO) operations. ResourceFirst Solutions touch on multiple process areas and may be implemented in the order of greatest need.