Project Execution

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Collecting project and program status consistently across divisions and personalities is a challenge for any corporate project management office (PMO). Some companies try to force all managers to operate within a common project management framework. Unfortunately, modern portfolios blend long term R&D projects with Agile sprints and support items, making it difficult for all managers to operate the same way. For these organizations, there is a constant struggle to balance the right level of tracking projects, issues and actuals with ever-changing reporting requirements and the need for high compliance levels.  


  • There is no standard approach to project status reporting
  • Status reports are not timely
  • It is difficult to generate project history or change report
  • Project status does not link back to the project charter or baseline
  • There is no project baseline
  • There is no project status history
  • KPI (Key Project Indicator) tracking is limited
  • There is no central issues log
  • Labor actuals are not related to the forecast
  • Financial actuals are not related to the budget
  • Non-labor financial items only exist in a separate system
  • There is no governance workflow to track items outside the project itsel


ResourceFirst offers two types of integrated project status options. Managers may develop a detailed project plan with the integrated scheduler, or they can work directly with a custom project status form to capture key dates at a higher level. Both options are integrated with the database, and both will update status reports at the portfolio level. The integrated scheduler links task level estimates directly to the project level resource allocations and overall capacity. As a result, there is a referential integrity up and down the assignment chain. With this approach, project managers can track status at any level of the work breakdown structure. ResourceFirst also offers a straightforward approach to capture issues and manage them to completion. Issue status, along with other common indicators are consolidated into Scorecard View that provides insight into key challenge areas at a portfolio level. Scorecard values can be adapted to client needs.  

ResourceFirst Capabilities

  • Scorecard style reporting
  • Configurable KPI reporting
  • Issues tracking against projects
  • Roadmap view with phases and milestones
  • Consolidated labor and cost actuals
  • WBS project templates
  • Governance workflow templates
  • Workflow & governance deliverable tracking
  • Configurable status tracking form
  • Status history & document storage
  • Multiple baseline capture and recall
  • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Development
  • Task level status tracking
  • Microsoft Project Integration


PDWare is a leading provider of portfolio management software to organizations with goals toward optimizing strategic alignment, resource allocation and project execution. ResourceFirst, our flagship PPM product, provides the infrastructure for collecting credible operational data and delivering the business analytics to enable portfolio, program and resource management maturity. ResourceFirst is available for cloud and on-premise installations, providing first-line managers, executives, PMO and EPPMO functions the agility to meet fluctuating work priorities, schedules, demand and staff capacity.