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The standards for PMO reporting are higher than ever. Executives want Portfolio Status, Resource Management and Financial data in real time and in custom formats. Some reports are live and graphical, while others are spreadsheets that are customizable and portable. Moving or consolidating data between multiple systems is a common occurrence, and in many cases, is a requirement for visualizing the big picture.


  • Moving data to Excel is a major job function
  • Manual conversion of data into spreadsheet or open format is required in standard operations
  • Manual development of PPT graphics to prepare for monthly status presentations
  • Massive exports and imports in order to organize data for planning meetings
  • Manual adjustments of Gantt bars and road maps to detailed current plans
  • Unique report sets required for each manager
  • Large interfaces required to create pivot tables

Download our ResourceFirst Brochure

Download our ResourceFirst Brochure


ResourceFirst delivers continuous insight into the status of projects and resources across the portfolio by communicating key operational details. Through configurable data fields and views, ResourceFirst is able to present the data the way you want to manage it. The combination of active grid views and drill-down dashboard reporting allows analysis of the portfolio from all angles. Using calculated fields, additional measurements and metrics may be added for analysis purposes. Any of these fields can be added to views and the project status dashboards. The project OBS (or project hierarchy) and resource OBS (resource hierarchy) allow roll up to any level of the organization. The PMO desktop client can arrange grid report in just about any configuration of sequence and level. Live graphical views are also available through the dashboard reporting system. With data warehouse style BI reporting, there are virtually no limits on the analytics or the output format. 

ResourceFirst Capabilities

  • Simple export to Excel
  • Simple export to pivot table format for Excel graphing and simple interfaces
  • Integrated business intelligence technology for data warehouse style setup
  • Data export to Microsoft One Drive for Microsoft SharePoint integration
  • A library of pre-defined reports for getting started
  • Graphical dashboards are always current
  • Frequent outputs are available on demand from any location, any device
  • Individual sets of reports are geared toward different business needs
  • Customizable refresh cycle times (reports can remain constant for a day or week)
  • Calculated decision-making analytics

ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs – Learn more about Integrated Solution Blocks


PDWare is a leading provider of portfolio management software to organizations with goals toward optimizing strategic alignment, resource allocation and project execution. ResourceFirst, our flagship PPM product, provides the infrastructure for collecting credible operational data and delivering the business analytics to enable portfolio, program and resource management maturity. ResourceFirst is available for cloud and on-premise installations, providing first-line managers, executives, PMO and EPPMO functions the agility to meet fluctuating work priorities, schedules, demand and staff capacity.