Annual Operating plan

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Every year, organizations stop delivering projects and begin the necessary steps to support development of the annual forecast for the board and shareholders. For companies that do not have a forecasting culture, this is a labor intensive exercise that includes meetings, spreadsheets and number crunching. For other companies, those that plan on a periodic basis, this exercise is a slightly more rigorous version of their normal operations. Once thing is certain--the annual operating plan must be supported by a delivery plan, which always includes an enterprise staffing forecast.


  • Large annual planning process each year
  • No foundation for forecasting; all data is re-created from scratch
  • Lack of credibility in numbers
  • Labor and other financial items in separate systems
  • Either skill forecasts or labor, not both

Download our brochure on ResourceFirst

Download our brochure on ResourceFirst


The common elements of companies with excellent operational planning are Visibility, Accuracy and Feasibility. These strengths are built over time with good repeatable practices that produce data that is used for decision-making throughout the year. ResourceFirst™ users, who follow these guidelines over the year, find the AOP process to be a routine executive reporting exercise.

ResourceFirst Capabilities

  • Quarterly Reports
    • Actuals vs. forecast vs. budget (effort and dollars)
    • Program status vs target dates
    • Staffing plan shortfall analysis
  • Monthly Reports
    • Monitor feasibility of demand plan
    • Monitor resource utilization
    • Report project status
    • Log Actuals (effort and dollars)
  • Product summary and detailed-level investment plan
  • Export results to & from a financial system
  • Named resource and skill forecasting/analysis
  • Report data credibility through quarterly, monthly and weekly forecasting process
  • Annual Reports
    • Budgets and revenue projections
    • Target phase and milestone completions
    • Headcount forecast (staffing plan)

ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs – Learn more about Integrated Solution Blocks


PDWare is a leading provider of portfolio management software to organizations with goals toward optimizing strategic alignment, resource allocation and project execution. ResourceFirst, our flagship PPM product, provides the infrastructure for collecting credible operational data and delivering the business analytics to enable portfolio, program and resource management maturity. ResourceFirst is available for cloud and on-premise installations, providing first-line managers, executives, PMO and EPPMO functions the agility to meet fluctuating work priorities, schedules, demand and staff capacity.