At the highest levels of an organization, business strategy is developed to set the goals, objectives and initiatives of the company. The end result is a framework for choosing the work that gets done and the desired order of delivery. For many organizations, a scoring model calculates how well an initiative aligns with the defined business strategies. The scoring analysis is usually performed though a series of qualitative questions that require scaled answers across a predefined range (1-5; 1-10; etc.). An aggregate score is then used to compare projects and rank them. This process along with some adjustments for risk and financial contribution, ultimately determines project priorities.

Common Business Problems

ResourceFirstâ„¢ aims to keep the initiation and selection process simple and flexible. The project request process supports the use of a configurable Project Charter. ResourceFirstâ„¢ ranks projects by scoring them for strategic alignment, business value and risk. Project rank drives prioritization, which establishes relative importance of a project, ultimately affecting resource allocations and feasibility. The ability to assess strategic value, contribution, risk and feasibility together, sets ResourceFirstâ„¢ apart from other solutions.

ResourceFirst Capabilities

ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs
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ResourceFirst is a multi-platform hosted solution that uses resource management as a foundation for strategy and portfolio execution. For modern organizations to compete successfully, they must have Strategy, Allocation and Execution data available at all major decision points. ResourceFirst promotes a culture of role-based data capture and communication through improved Resource Management, Strategy Execution, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Program Management Office (PMO) operations. ResourceFirst Solutions touch on multiple process areas and may be implemented in the order of greatest need.