Resource Allocation is the process of reaching an achievable balance of work assignments, taking into account resource supply, resource demand and prioritized work. To achieve a credible forecast, there must be agreement between those managing projects (project managers) and those managing people (resource managers) on when skilled resources will work on initiatives. The allocation process is an iterative cycle that requires some back-and-forth conversation. This can be accomplished via a formal request process or direct personal communication. The allocation process is repeated frequently because many of the foundational assumptions, including staff, schedule and priority, are always changing.

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The PDWare Prioritized Allocation Algorithm differentiates ResourceFirst from other PPM systems because it allows team building without losing reference to resource capacity or other project assignments that may exist. In addition, because the model is dynamic, ResourceFirst can quickly accommodate change at any point in the process. Another algorithm called Optimization allows ResourceFirst to analyze underutilized staff and make assignment recommendations based on skill set and availability.

ResourceFirst Capabilities

ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs
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ResourceFirst is a multi-platform hosted solution that uses resource management as a foundation for strategy and portfolio execution. For modern organizations to compete successfully, they must have Strategy, Allocation and Execution data available at all major decision points. ResourceFirst promotes a culture of role-based data capture and communication through improved Resource Management, Strategy Execution, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Program Management Office (PMO) operations. ResourceFirst Solutions touch on multiple process areas and may be implemented in the order of greatest need.