Every year, organizations stop delivering projects and begin the necessary steps to support development of the annual forecast for the board and shareholders. For companies that do not have a forecasting culture, this is a labor intensive exercise that includes meetings, spreadsheets and number crunching. For other companies, those that plan on a periodic basis, this exercise is a slightly more rigorous version of their normal operations. One thing is certain--the annual operating plan must be supported by a delivery plan, which always includes an enterprise staffing forecast.

Common Business Problems

ResourceFirstprovides a single system for managing program level financials, utilization, delivery success and other target objectives. Labor and non-labor financials are driven from forecasted data or actual results as posted against subordinate projects. Multiple baselines and scenarios can be captured for future recall and analysis. ResourceFirst also provides a scenario analysis module which provides levers for optimizing the value of each portfolio, including net present value (NPV). Most importantly, all of the program financials and business analytics form a credible operational foundation of strategy, allocation and execution.

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ResourceFirst capabilities are typically grouped to support implementation needs
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ResourceFirst is a multi-platform hosted solution that uses resource management as a foundation for strategy and portfolio execution. For modern organizations to compete successfully, they must have Strategy, Allocation and Execution data available at all major decision points. ResourceFirst promotes a culture of role-based data capture and communication through improved Resource Management, Strategy Execution, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Program Management Office (PMO) operations. ResourceFirst Solutions touch on multiple process areas and may be implemented in the order of greatest need.